Holiday Homes in St Lucia
St Lucia has many type, price, style of accommodation to fit any budget. The island offers wonderful holiday homes to tourists at very affordable rates.
From international renowned destination claims like Sandals resorts to small Ma and Pa style bed and breakfast accommodations. 
There is no better county to choose when it comes to quality of Vacation rentals and holiday homes than St Lucia.

Why are travellers hoping to self catering accommodations?
Today the statistics is showing that hotels and resorts market share is on a fast decline and ??lf-catering holiday homes and vacation rentals companies are on a steady rise. 

When compare to a hotel you would need a luxury suite for thousands of dollars for the same amount of space and freedom that the average self catering style accommodation offers them and their family.
Visitors and tourist love the idea of having their own kitchen, a private pool, living and dining room away from other travellers and their bedroom.
Some love the idea that they can visit friends in their city and have a place to cook and invite old friends or families to hang out and have that feeling of home away from home


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